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    Registered and Licensed Dietitians providing nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy to individuals in Western Massachusetts.

    We are seeing clients in person at two office locations as well as utilizing telehealth 

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    Pyramid Nutrition Services, Inc. is  a team of registered and licensed dietitians nutritionists in Western Massachusetts.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with factual, evidence-based nutrition knowledge.  Our purpose is to help translate food and nutrition science into real life healthy practices.  We provide a safe and comfortable environment for our clients to be able to share and discuss their nutrition needs and goals.  We are here to support our clients and supply them with the tools they need to make sustainable changes that will forever improve their quality of life.  

    Meet the Team


    Nicole Frank-Maslar
        RDN, LDN       

    Karoline Moriarty
    RDN, LDN     

    Sandy Lemanski



    Andrea Reyes

     RDN, LDN


    Sienna Caron

     MS, RD, LDN

    We accept most insurance plans!  Contact your insurance provider and ask about Medical Nutrition Therapy benefits. 

    "I just talked with my the Endocrinologist about my first normal A1-C in 13 years. I thanked her for her assistance but also told her how much you have helped me with your guidance. I've done every single thing you have advised me to do through my diet. She did compliment you to me and told me to keep up with your advice and my exercise program. Your clarification about whole grains and added sugars was a major help to me. I saw your Billboard Advertisement in Westfield and had my first appt. with you last May 10th and I knew after that visit you would be the answer for me. Thank you so much Nicole"

    ~Frank D.

    What people are saying about us...

    What We Offer

    We provide nutrition counseling to individuals with many unique

    health goals.  

    We can help you with:

    -weight management,

    -Diabetes control both type 1and type 2, -pre- or post-natal nutrition,

    -high blood pressure,

    -high cholesterol,

    -kidney disease,

    -liver disease,

    -GI issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, SIBO, Chron's disease, Colitis

    -Celiac disease

    -food allergies and intolerances,

    -eating disorders, disordered eating

    -enteral G-tube and J-tube feeding.

    Contact Us

    Springfield Office:

    33 Mulberry St., Springfield, MA 01105

    Westfield Office:

    77 Mill St., Millworks Private Office-Suite 233, 2nd floor

    (Use entrance G follow signs to the elevator),

    Westfield, MA 01085


    fax 413-786-2977

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